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YBR Treatments, Classes, acupuncture, and Breast & Body Thermography

YBR Treatments, Classes, acupuncture, and Breast & Body ThermographyYBR Treatments, Classes, acupuncture, and Breast & Body Thermography


Breast Thermography

Looking for an early way to detect physiological changes in your breast without radiation or pain?  Thermography is your answer.  For example, if we scanned breast tissue we would compare one breast to another.   Imagine a butterfly wing.  We  are  simply  looking  for thermal symmetry from wing to  wing or breast to breast.  Temperature comparison takes place in several areas of the breast , including nipples and areola. A normal temperature reading would indicate a healthy condition.  A wide temperature range would indicate a potential physiological concern.  Not all physiological changes mean cancer.  There are several reasons for temperature changes.  We will discuss with you what is identified in the scan.   You will then be given a report  which you can discuss in detail with your primary doctor, or  medical professional.  Breast  thermography  is  for  men  as  well  as breast problems are on the rise for them as well.    We  all  deserve  healthy  breasts.

Body Thermography

Thermography has been around since the 1970’s.  It has been known to be helpful in the diagnosis of many disease processes.  Thermography is not a stand alone diagnostic.  It is a screening tool that captures physiological temperature changes on the skin  very early and can easily be compared from screening to screening. Thermography assists in capturing arthritis, headaches, spine changes including neck and back, metabolic disorders, nervous system disorders, pain syndromes, fibromyalgia, myositis, repetitive strain injuries, soft tissue injuries, and vascular disorders such as Raynoud’s disease.  Thermography is good for any alteration such as a change in blood flow, lymphatic flow, or nervous system flow.  It is non-invasive, and can be used to capture decades of information regarding your personal health and wellness.

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