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YBR Treatments, Classes, acupuncture, and Breast & Body Thermography

YBR Treatments, Classes, acupuncture, and Breast & Body ThermographyYBR Treatments, Classes, acupuncture, and Breast & Body Thermography


Rachel’s Bio

• Personal:

◦ I love teaching, learning, and playing

◦ Sun, water, and seasons make me go around

◦ I absolutely love hanging out with my family

• Job history:

◦ Almost an Acupuncturist(September 2020 is Graduation)

◦ Thermography technician(2019)

◦ YBR Practitioner-Teaching(2018), Faceball(2019), Table Treatments(2017), Foot Fitness 1(2020)

◦ RN (BSN) 10yrs hospital (Critical care ICU, NICU, ER, IMCU, Infusions, NEURO, Mental Health)

◦ CNA 11yrs hospital

◦ Chiropractic Technician/Patient Journey Advocate 

◦ Enculator (Step 1: Harvested eyes from the deceased for transplant and research)

◦ Excisionist (Step 2: Removed the cornea of the eye for transplant, and harvested conjunctiva for research)

◦ Fire Fighter

◦ EMT-Basic

◦ EMT-Paramedic

◦ Lifeguard: Pools, lakes, Girl Scout events

◦ Swim & Dive Coach


Paula’s Bio

My journey with YBR began as a result of sore feet and tired legs from being on my feet all day at work. I discovered the Foot Wakers and was totally amazed at how much better my feet and legs felt after daily use. I started attending YBR classes twice a month and began feeling changes in my body almost immediately! When I retired from my 41 year career in health care, I decided to attend a body school taught by Yamuna Zake. After that I was totally hooked on YBR and so inspired by the work that I decided to train and certify in the YBR modality that summer of 2018. Then in early fall I attended Foot Fitness 1 training and certification. After our summer training in NYC, Rachel and I decided to team up and co-teach classes in YBR that fall when Laura Flanagan departed for Costa Rica.
I am looking forward to continue my journey and knowledge base of YBR this spring with Foot Fitness 2 with Yamuna Zake and perhaps another trip to one of her body schools in the fall. YBR is my go-to for sustainability!


Carol’s Bio

Carol’s desire to empower women to consider all options for their health and wellness attracted her to thermography.  She is willing to tackle female health issues that many prefer to ignore either due to embarrassment, fear or ignorance.  As a personalfitness trainer she specialized in pelvic health for women.Through teaching classes and working one on one with clientson urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse she has helped women avoid drugs, injections and surgeries. Her goal was educating and guiding women to discover and implementthe least invasive options first. Her goal is the same with thermography - to help women avoid if possible radiation, painful and damaging pressure on very delicate breast tissue, biopsies, and panic driven decisions for life changing surgery.  

Carol has been an advocate for her own health and wellnesssince an ill-advised and unnecessary hysterectomy in her early forties left her with side affects she hadn’t been informed of as possibilities.  Her primary career at the time was in banking in the Chicago area where she served as a Vice-President of Mortgage Lending with a major bank.    Like many people, after an early retirement from the business world she pursued what had been her hobby – staying healthy.  

In her spare time she is renewed by time spent hiking, campingand volunteering with outdoor organizations, especially when she can have her grandchildren accompany her.

Contact her now and start a mutually beneficial relationship to achieving and maintaining health and wellness.


University of WI-Madison MS in Adult Continuing Education

Certified Thermography Technician by Teletherm Infrared Systems.

Hands on training with Sue Springstead, retired, who spent 15+ years providing thermagrams with The Welhouse Center and her private business.  (Sue studied and worked with Dr. William Hobbins, a UW Hospital physician, surgeon and leading researcher in thermography.)

Certified Wellness Coach-WellCoaches School of Coaching

Certified Personal Trainer - American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)

Certified Pelvic Health Specialist with Women’s Health Foundation/Total Control program. (This organization is now known as Below The Belt.)